Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 18

October 31, 1943

Two captains from the Alliance Army Air Field were each ferrying a small single-seat liaison type aircraft to Alliance from North Platte. They had originated at Bowling Field, Kentucky, but had stopped to refuel at North Platte. Very strong headwinds consumed more fuel than anticipated and it was evident that they could not reach the field at Alliance. The lead plane safely landed in a meadow, but the second plane, an L-2E (43-2859), had difficulty once the pilot brought the plane down to the ground. The hard impact collapsed the front section of the plane killing the pilot.

Crew Member

This site was visited on May 20, 2007. The military crash report gives a good indication where the landing site was located west of the small town of Antioch. One such location was found that closely matched the description. No living eyewitnesses could be found to give the exact location. There would have been very little (if any) wreckage at the site.

Somewhere out in this field was the makeshift landing strip.

L-2 Aircraft

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