Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 29

April 24, 1944

Eight airmen in a B-17G (42-102685) from the Kearney Army Air Field were doing a local calibration and familiarization flight near the town of Bertrand. An electrical fire started in the nose section of the plane which quickly engulfed the entire front section. The pilots ordered the other six airmen to bail out of the plane which they all successfully accomplished. As the plane neared the ground, the pilots tried to jump out of the plane, but were both killed upon striking the ground. The plane traveled a short distance further and exploded upon impact.

Crew Members

This site was visited on March 31, 2007. Evidence of the exact location was found in a cultivated field with the use of a metal detector.

Small fragments of an exploded B-17 lie beneath the surface of this field.

A piece of the Plexiglas nose cone was found at the site which was scorched by fire on the inner surface.

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