Bundles For America War Exhibit
Captured Military Equipment

The Bundles for America War Exhibit was a traveling war-relief show that brought captured enemy equipment to various American cities for public display. The display helped to promote public involvement in the war-effort by allowing ordinary citizens to donate much-needed items that would be sent overseas to those fighting.

On August 4-5, 1943, the display came to Grand Island, Nebraska. People viewed the latest captured equipment which involved a German Messerschmitt Me-109 fighter plane, an Italian Macchi C-200 fighter plane, and a German tank. These were captured when the Allies first fought against the Germans in North Africa.

Ads placed in the Grand Island Daily Independent newspaper. - August 4, 1943.

This type of captured enemy equipment came to Grand Island for public viewing.
German Messerschmitt Me-109 -- Italian Macchi C-200 -- German Tiger Tank

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