Home Air Fields

Home Air Fields of the Crashed Planes

Bruning = 15
Alliance = 7
Sioux City, IA = 5
Kearney = 4
Fairmont = 4
Harvard = 3
Lincoln = 3
Dodge City, KS = 2
McCook = 2
Ainsworth = 2
Offutt = 2
St. Joseph, MO = 2
Grand Island = 1
Geiger, WA = 1
Kirtland, NM = 1
Salina, KS = 1
Cheyenne, WY = 1

Home airfields are the location where the plane was stationed prior to the crash. The C-53 that crashed near Malcolm is assigned to the Alliance AAF even though it was coming from Cleveland, OH. The crash of the B-34 near Chadron is assigned to Geiger AAF, even though it was being taken to the Rapid City AAF. The third B-17 to crash at Kearney is assigned to Cheyenne since it had technically not become part of the planes at Kearney when it crashed.

This list does not include the four aircraft involved with fatal deaths that did not crash. Those can be listed for Alliance, Scottsbluff, Lincoln and Salina.

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