Manufacturing Marks of WWII

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This site shows the known .50 caliber headstamps that were produced during WWII.
New ones will be added when they are known.

Main .50 Caliber Headstamp Website

If you have additional information or would like to contribute an additional or better photo of a headstamp,
please contact me. Headstamp images are approximately 2.3x actual size.

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DI = Defence Industries Limited - Ajax, Ontario, Canada.
DM = Des Moines Ordnance Plant - Ankeny, Iowa.
FA = Frankford Arsenal - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
KS = Kelly Springfield, Allegany Ordnance Plant - Cumberland, Maryland.
LC = Lake City Army Ammunition Plant - Independence, Missouri.
LM = Lowell Ordnance Plant - Lowell, Massachusetts.
M = Milwaukee Ordnance Plant - Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
RA = Remington Arms - Bridgeport, Connecticut.
SL = St. Louis Ordnance Plant - St. Louis, Missouri.
SR = Royal Ordnance Factory - Spennymoor, United Kingdom.
T = Tikkakoski Arsenal - Finland.
TW = Twin Cities Ordnance Plant - Minneapolis, Minnesota.
U = Utah Ordnance Plant - Salt Lake City, Utah.
UT = Utah Ordnance Plant - Salt Lake City, Utah.
WRA = Winchester Repeating Arms - New Haven, Connecticut.

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