Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 3

October 18, 1942

The October 18, 1942, crash of a B-34 (AJ282) bomber near the Chadron Municipal Airport took the lives of three airmen. A small formation of three B-34's had departed Geiger Field, Washington, and were en route to the air field at Rapid City, South Dakota. The planes became disoriented and two attempted to land at Chadron while the third landed at Hot Springs, SD. During the approach to the Chadron airport one of the B-34 pilots thought he was coming in too low and increased the throttles to pull up. The plane stalled, banked over and exploded in a field.

Crew Members

This site was visited on May 19, 2007, along with the assistance of the local landowner, a local historian, and the local newspaper editor. Evidence of the exact crash site was found in a cultivated field with the use of a metal detector.

Chadron Newspaper Article

Local residents participated in finding the crash site.

B-34 Aircraft

Crash Site Book