Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 27

Grand Island
February 25, 1944

A full crew of ten airmen flying a B-17G (42-38203) from the Grand Island Army Air Field were part of a larger group that were preparing to depart for overseas combat. In the early morning hours the crew made a successful takeoff, but failed to begin flying by instruments. Preoccupation in the cockpit caused the bomber to belly land into the ground where it skidded along until striking a berm. The impact with the berm caused the plane to explode. Nine of the crew were killed during the impact or the resulting fire. The pilot survived with only minor injuries.

Crew Members

The site was visited on March 14, 2007, along with the local landowner. The landowner identified the site of the crash, but no physical evidence was found to pinpoint the exact location. A return trip was made on November 8, 2008, and a two-hour search was made with no success.

The locations are still preserved in the memories of the landowners.

B-17 Aircraft

Crash Site Book