Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Sites # 5 & 6

July 10, 1943

Two aircraft, a C-47 (42-23786) and a C-53 (42-68785), that were based at the Alliance Army Air Field, collided in mid air west of Hemingford. There were six planes performing formation flying. While doing a cross-over move, one plane crossed over and came down onto the top of another plane. Both planes immediately spiraled down to the ground about one quarter mile apart. There were four airmen on each plane and none survived.

Crew Members

This site was visited on May 19, 2007, along with the assistance of the local landowner and his wife. Evidence of the exact crash sites for both planes were found in pastures. The C-47 site still had pieces laying around on top of the ground, while the C-53 site had to be confirmed with the use of a metal detector.

The C-47 crash site. The only site in Nebraska that still had pieces like this laying around.
Ed Flaherty (left) and Jerry Penry.

C-47 Aircraft
C-53 Aircraft

Crash Site Book