Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 21

January 25, 1944

This plane, B-26C (41-35472), was on a student navigation training flight from the Dodge City Army Air Field. The crew landed at the Sioux City Army Air Field and then took off to return to Dodge City. A few minutes after take-off around 10:38 p.m. the plane apparently lost engine power and the pilots possibly tried to make an emergency landing in a field. The plane bounced on the ground and then came back down and exploded. The cause of the crash was listed as undetermined since local eyewitnesses could not positively state that they had heard anything unusual about the sound of the engines. One eyewitness claimed that the plane was on fire, but others suggested that is was the landing lights that had illuminated the plane before the explosion.

Crew Members

This site was investigated on March 21, 2008. A local farmer provided the key details to the location of the crash since he remembered seeing pieces of the wreckage while plowing the field. This information proved to be key since differing opinions from older residents who were interviewed placed the crash site in different locations. The site was found without a doubt due to numerous pieces of small wreckage and pieces of plexiglas. Many pieces were laying on top of the ground in a cornfield.

The crash site is in a cornfield. The dark piles are from cows that were grazing in the stalks.

B-26 Aircraft

Crash Site Book