Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Sites # 43 & 44

August 5, 1944

A formation of eighteen B-17's from the Sioux City Army Air Field were practicing formation flying near Laurel. While conducting a turn, one B-17G (42-107144) collided with B-17G (42-107157) sending both planes out of control. Both planes had nine airmen each and only the pilot of the first plane survived.

Crew Members

This site of plane 42-107157 was investigated on April 21, 1944, along with an area resident who is well-familiar with the crash. Evidence of the exact location was found in a cultivated field by using a metal detector. The second crash site is pending a ground investigation at a later date.

Memorial Sign

The north crash site was found and confirmed by using a metal detector with the help of this eyewitness.

B-17 Aircraft

Crash Site Book