Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 34

May 26, 1944

A bomber with seven airmen encountered engine problems just after takeoff from the Lincoln Army Air Field. The B-26C (41-34776) was headed for the Dodge City Army Air Field in Kansas and crashed in a cultivated field just minutes after takeoff. The pilot and the radioman were killed in the crash and resulting fire.

Crew Members

The site was visited on April 28, 2007, with the assistance of an area resident who remembered the crash. According the to the eyewitness, the crash site is now where Highway 34 is located which did not exist at the time of the crash. A search was made for any evidence in the area away from the highway with a metal detector, but nothing was found.

One of the only remaining witnesses, Lawrence "Bud" Spahn, was found who indicated that the highway in the background was built over the crash site. He died just six weeks after this photo was taken.

B-26 Aircraft

Crash Site Book