Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 37

Meadow Grove
July 5, 1944

During training at the Norfolk Gunnery Range that involved strafing ground targets, a P-47D (42-23062) went out of control and exploded upon hitting the ground. The military listed the cause of crash as "unknown", but area landowners remember the pilot possibly striking the top of a windmill during a show of personal exhibition.

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The site was visited on June 9, 2007, with the assistance of two area landowners, one of which remembered the crash. The exact area could not be found despite a thorough search by two researchers using metal detectors. This site was revisited on April 20, 2008, and a more extensive search was made for any sign of the wreckage, but none could be found. This site was either picked up very well, or the search was made in the wrong location. At least 20 acres was searched by walking back and forth with a metal detector.

A local rancher shows a valve from the P-47 that he picked up at the crash site when he was 12-years-old.

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