Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 31

May 5, 1944

A B-24 (42-100124) from the McCook Army Air Field was conducting low-level gunnery training at the Scottsbluff Gunnery Range north of Morrill. The pilots chose to fly lower to the ground than what was a safe altitude. An unexpected rise in the ground caught the bottom of the plane and it skidded along and caught fire. Six of the airmen were killed while two others survived.

Crew Members

The site was originally visited on May 19, 2007, along with a couple of area landowners. The exact location was only vaguely known by the landowners. No physical evidence was found at the site during the first trip.

A return trip on December 12, 2008, proved to be a huge success. Not only was the crash site found, but also over thirty scattered white stones which I had been told once marked the site in the form of a cross.

The crash occurred in this valley.
Photo: May 17, 2007

These stones were placed in the form of a cross in 1944 to mark the site. Cattle have since scattered them.
Photo: December 12, 2008

B-24 Aircraft

Crash Site Book