Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 1

Offutt Air Field, Bellevue
May 25, 1942

The crash at the Offutt Air Field involved two test pilots from the Glenn L. Martin Bomber Plant. The pilots were doing a routine test flight in a B-26A bomber (41-7382) near the air field. The flight involved several steep climbs and dives which would not normally be experienced in this sort of aircraft, but could possibly be required in combat for evasive moves. During a climb it is believed that the latch for the canopy over the pilot's position failed which caused the canopy to open and tear away from the plane. The canopy then struck parts of the tail section of the plane causing the pilots to lose control. The bomber came nearly straight down and exploded at high impact with the ground in a field west of the air field killing both pilots.

Crew Members

Due to urban development, it is believed that any remaining evidence of the exact crash site has been removed. This site was visited on August 10, 2007.

The site of impact as seen shortly after the accident took place.

The crash site is located somewhere in this field.

B-26 Aircraft

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