Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Sites # 32 & 33

May 10, 1944

A mid-air collision between a BT-13B (42-90353) and a P-47D (42-23149) at an altitude of approximately 4,000 feet occurred approximately three miles north of the town of Ohiowa. The BT-13 had two occupants with one in training and one as an instructor. Neither plane saw each other and the collision was purely accidental with the two planes just being in the wrong place and the wrong time. Both planes spiraled down and crashed about 3/4 mile apart from each other. The instructor in the BT-13 was able to bail out and survived. This survivor later served overseas in combat and was killed in action.

Crew Members

The sites were investigated on April 26, 2008, and were both positively found thanks to the keen memory of a Milligan, Nebraska, woman who witnessed the crashes in 1944. At the P-47 site there were many pieces of molten aluminum slag which was due to the intense fire. Also pieces of plexiglas and other small parts of the planes were found. At the BT-13 site fewer pieces were found, and they were scattered quite a ways away from each other, but in a 150' diameter circle.

The small water puddle could very well be the impact location of the crash 64 years later since it was said to leave a crater.

The BT-13 crash was a lucky find since not too many pieces still remain.

BT-13 Aircraft
P-47 Aircraft

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