Nebraska WWII Fatal Non-Crash Site # 3

Bruning to Omaha
August 26, 1944

A B-29 (42-24559) with a crew of twelve airmen from the Smokey Hill Army Air Field in Kansas were returning from a bombing and navigation flight over Batista, Cuba. Thunderstorm activity in Kansas required the B-29 to attempt a landing at the Bruning Army Air Field. As the plane was letting down, engine failure occurred so the pilot took the plane back up. The crew was told that they could bail out, so several did in the area of Tobias. It is believed that one airmen struck the plane on the way out and was killed since he was found with his chute unopened. The plane continued to Omaha. Another crew member decided to bail out and was later found drowned in Carter Lake. The remaining crew landed the plane at the Omaha Municipal Airport as the fuel supply had just ran out.

Crew Members

Since there was no crash, there is no site to investigate. The location where the airman died near Tobias is still being researched. Areas around Carter Lake were photographed on August 10, 2007.

The B-29 landed at this airport just as it ran out of fuel.

One airman drowned in Carter Lake after deciding to bail out during the last few minutes of flight.

B-29 Aircraft

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