Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 26

(Civil Air Patrol)
February 19, 1944

This crash involved a Civil Air Patrol pilot ferrying military mail between the army air fields in Kansas and Nebraska. The plane originated at Kansas City and had made a stop in Topeka and possible other locations. The next scheduled stop was the Bruning AAF, but possible engine failure was experienced about ten miles southeast of Bruning or just north of the small town of Powell. The pilot attempted to land the aircraft, a Luscombe monoplane, in a bare wheat field. Observing the accident was a 7-year-old boy who was out hunting rabbits with his dog.

The plane nosed into the ground killing the pilot. The military came to the location and debated with local personnel who had authority to investigate the crash. The military took charge of the mail, but left the investigation up to the local authorities. An accident report has still not been found for this crash, so details as to what caused the crash are still unknown. This is the first fatality of a Civil Air Patrol pilot in Nebraska.

The eyewitness was located who provided the location of the crash. (He was the young boy hunting rabbits). The site was visited on October 26, 2008, and a brief search was made for any pieces of the wreckage, but non were found.

Crew Member

The crash occurred in this field.

Luscombe Aircraft

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