Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 45

August 8, 1944

Near the town of Shickley, a P-47D (42-23277) spun out of control at approximately 9,000 feet. It is believed that the pilot could not recover from the spin and waited too long to attempt to bail out of the plane. Evidence at the crash by the position of the body indicated that the pilot had tried to bail out, but was unsuccessful.

Crew Member

This site was investigated on November 12, 2007, along with an eyewitness to the crash. The eyewitness identified the location where he remembered the crash taking place and stated that there was very little scattered wreckage. Nothing was found after a diligent search with the metal detector.

This eyewitness was the first to arrive on the scene after the crash. The town of Shickley is in the distance.

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