Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 46

August 9, 1944

Near the town of Shickley, a P-47D (42-23044) went into a steep dive at full speed and came almost vertically straight down. The impact with the ground was with such force that a crater was made about 15 feet deep. Officially it is unknown why the plane went out of control, but local residents have always said that this pilot was distraught over the loss of the P-47 pilot who died the previous day and that he had taken his own life. The two sites are less than a mile apart from each other.

Crew Member

This site was investigated on November 12, 2007, along with several eyewitnesses to the crash. One eyewitness identified a disturbance in the ground while using wire rods in the location where he remembered it being. Nothing was found on the surface in the cornfield with the metal detector. A return trip to the site on October 26, 2008, failed to also locate any pieces of the wreckage.

This eyewitness located the crash site from memory.

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